Thursday, July 16, 2009


Great weather means less blogging and lets face it the news just sucks. How is it that the weakest and ugliest are now in control? I mean Harry Reid, Nancy Peolosi, Barney Frank all look like they were involved in car wrecks and they are weak as hell. These are the morons calling the shots now?

Remember when our leaders were mostly brave military men that fought for our country?

1. Guys, make sure that you tell your wife that you are going out to by a new motorcycle so that you can make more money. If it good enough to fix a whole country then it has to be good enough for a single household.

2. Once again organized religion lets us down. Raping a 9 year old girl, creating kiddie porn all in the name of GOD.

3. Idaho can now claim that they are freak friendly.

4. What happened to the bailout working for us instead of Wall Street?

5. More NASA coverups over the fake moon landing.

6. Farmers call out AlGores Green Kool-Aid making ass.

7. Is Madonnas ass getting to big?

8. Jersey gunfight is awesome.

9. Sorry for robbing you.........

10. Willis Towers? What a crappy name for a national landmark.