Monday, July 20, 2009


Damn! I told you to keep your head on a swivel and watch your review mirrors but did you listen? NO. When is the metro going to get that I know more about crime in this city than the KCMO police chief and local media outlets. Ignorant bastards.

1. A night of theater with the family got this poor woman killed. She wasnt drunk, wasnt speeding, wasnt doing anything but going to Starlight and now she is dead because of KCMO gangters.

2. If you live in Liberty why in the hell would you go to KCK. 4oth and HASKELL at that.

3. 16 YEAR OLD kid riding around in a car at 1am ON TROOST is responsible for shooting and killing a woman waiting at a bus stop.

4. This guy obviously wasn't checking his mirrors and got his ass jacked.

5. North OP hits the wire after an old lady gets stabbed.