Sunday, August 02, 2009


My dear friends you better be ready to receive for the next 4 weeks a review of Freemasonry and America. I promise you it will be a lot of controversy about that. So call your friends the one that are Masons and start preparing yourself to question me about it.

As conservatives we are proud that our country was founded under the principles, moral and dogmas of Christianity and Judaism, but did you know that the people that arrived in the Mayflowers have a lot of exposure to Freemasonry?
Did you know the several of the framers and founder fathers were Free Masons?
Did you know that several USA and worldwide Presidents were or are masons?
Do the American Flag and/or the National Anthem have some type of Masonic meaning or connection?
What thing in common had the following people: Lafayette, G. Washington, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Friedrich W, Von Steuben, Thaddeus Kosciusko and others? You are right! Now you know the answer is all of them were Freemasons.
Can you find Masonic principles on the declarations of Independence? What about on other important and historic documents?
Do you know that the people that platted and built DC were Free Masons?
I will bring to light this and more information about the greatest, bigger and oldest fraternity in the world, the impact in our country and the principles that still making this country strong.
I am a proud American and a Proud Free Mason, Past Master of a Lodge and current District Deputy Grand Master and I will share with you my research and findings, and yes I am catholic too! So here it goes another point for controversy. I am telling you the next weeks are coming hot!

This time my article is short just to prepare you for the up coming weeks and articles where we will talk about the best ever Masonic experiment: The United States of American.
In GOD we Trust. Angelo H Mino