Thursday, August 20, 2009


The state of Kansas City Bloggers? WTF is this crap. At first when I saw the link over at Tonys blog I thought it was a joke but I clicked on the link and I eventually ended up at the KC STAR. How funny is that? Hipster emo burnouts working for print media talking about people that they despise.

Don't worry about the state of Kansas City blogger, instead you should be worrying about the demise of your paper and the utter failure of your Pitch wannabe site. And if you do try and cover such an uninteresting topic you MIGHT want to throw in some blogs that actually make a difference and tell the story (that you fail to do) about life in the metro.

The state of Kansas City Blogging can be summed up in one word PATHETIC. There are maybe 10 blogs in this city worth reading, thats it.