Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The recent actions of Dennis Moore have once again proven that our country has undergone too much wussification. What happened to men acting and behaving like men? All of these so called "sensitive" bastards have weakened a once strong and proud country. Bring back Al Bundy and get rid of Ned flanders!

1. Might as well make a buck off the douche bag.

2. Clinton celebrating birthday in Vegas while his wife is overseas insulting the people of Congo. You just know that Bill saw Hillarys fat ass on TV and ordered himself some hooker room service.

3. Church goers in NYC don't play.

4. Even more union corruption in politics!

5. Fox News Sex Expert defends Sluts.... I guess she had a bad weekend.

6. Men will nail anything after midnight. That is the cliff notes version of this story.

7. The majority of Americans think Obama is a lying douche bag.

8. Good news for KCMO residents!

9. Man gets sentenced for molesting mouse.

10. The emperor gets upset when his elitism is exposed.