QUICK HITS - Shamrocks And Shenanigans

People in this country that say they are willing to give up their freedoms for a discount on a product are ignorant. That's basically what is going on with health care right now. The socialist party is offering you a discount on your health care if only you let them have more control over your life. Is there any self pride left in this country? No embarrassment for taking handouts?

1. Economics 101 is coming back to bite socialist in the ass.

2. Why is it that every time Rham has to get something done he has to pressure people? Is it because he is an unlikable prick?

3. Not only are these 3 Wisconsin chicks ugly but now they are felons.

4. Socialist state the obvious and its news?

5. Would 229 terrorist survive in KCMO's East Side?

6. Muslims are peace loving and understand
ing people.....Unless you are a Christian, then you are lit on fire and burned to death. OR a chick that wears pants, then you get 40 lashes.

7. The tax rate in California is causing companies to move to neighboring states.

8. Condoms are making people insane.

9. Despite living in the greatest nation in the world Americans are depressed.

10. I have now seen it all. Video games might have to follow affirmative action....

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