Monday, August 10, 2009


As you can tell, the only time that I care about crime is when it happens to the innocent. You work for the mob, slang heroine or run with a gang you know what you are getting into. Fast bucks typically = fast death. Does anyone really care about on drug crew killing another? Or some deadbeat getting dropped by the mob for breaking a contract? Hell no.

Now lets take a look at the wanna be badass's of the metro. What are they good at? Shooting little kids. You kill a kid and you should be hunted by the community and when caught dipped in battery acid. You chicken Sh***

1.KCMO cops get their ass's kicked at the Power & Light Diest

2. East side residents continue to take on their enemies from 40 feet away with guns while they aren't looking. Gang Bangers are chicken Sh***.

3. Driver of car has accidental run in with bullet.

4. Word to the wise. Never Ever purchase gas in the east side. Just ask these two gentlemen who got stuck like pigs.

5. 1 down 30,000 to go.

6. Big bad gang bangers shoot 3 year old kid. You are so damn tough.