Monday, September 14, 2009


1.  If you have kids and don't work is it necessary to have a nanny and a maid?  Seriously ladies, doesn't that just make you a whore?  Don't go around telling people what a great mom you are when you spend less time with your kids than your husband that works 60 hours a week.

2.  If you don't live on a golf course is it really necessary to own a golf cart just to drive 2 houses down?

3.  Why do you complain about golf balls in your lawn WHEN YOU LIVE ON A Fing GOLF COURSE?  That's like living in the east side of kcmo and complaining about shell casings in your drive way.

4.  BMW motorcycles?  Really?  Does it have a cup holder for your Latte?

5.  Dressing like your teenage daughter doesn't make you hip, it makes you look outdated and used.  That's like putting leather seats in an old car and trying to pass it off as new.

6.  You are not considered an outdoorsman just because your lake house doesn't have HD.

7.  Do you really go to "The Club" for dinner when you have a 100k kitchen?

8. You have to sell your house, I dont.