Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Is the term racist losing its true meaning in America? With all of the liberals crying wolf, how in the hell are we suppose to fight actual racism in this country? There was a time in this country that the word "racist" had some actual bite to it, not anymore. Liberals have a long history of exploiting African Americans in this country and this is just another example of symbolism over substance.

Think about it.

1. Jimmy Carters desire to be relevant in this country is embarrassing.

2. Racist attack on student riding bus is NOW being called a case of bullying. Would the same be said if the colors were reversed? Remember, in the medias eyes only white people can be racist.

3. White principal is being called a racist because he didn't broadcast the emperors marching orders.

4. Congressman say that calling the president a liar will bring back the KKK.