Thursday, September 03, 2009


Next Tuesday the wanna be dictator will once again send out his union thugs to intimidate people. These thugs come disguised in chalk cammies and are armed with #2 pencils and red markers. They have instant access to their prey and will strike with the backing of their leaders.

Their target, your kids. Think about it for a minute. The biggest supporters of our Emperor and all socialist have always been teachers. And on Tuesday they will put your kids in front of a TV to watch this man promote his party and agenda and then have them follow a president approved lesson plan.......

Is this really freaking happening? How is it that the pledge of allegiance, prayer in school and shirts with the American flag be PROTESTED and in some cases BANNED and then this guy given access to your children?

Are you going to let this happen? Are you going to send your kid to school? Are you going to call members of your school board and let them know how you feel? DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE

Blue Valley parents go ahead and call Tom Trigg and let him know how you feel
(913) 239-4020 or send him an email

You are not in the minority on this issue. The majority of parents in this country think that this is a bad idea, yet the dictator marches on.

Members of congress are starting to speak their minds regarding Obamas true intentions.