Saturday, September 26, 2009


Since it has been awhile since I posted the first list I thought that it was time for an update.  Let's face it, the media in this town has hit an all time low....
1.  Scott Parks -This guy is more confused about his identity than a hermaphrodite trying to pick a bathroom.  He calls himself a moderate so that he doesn't have to make a stand on any issues but lets face it, this guy is as liberal as they come.  The only thing more pathetic than his political opinions is his defense of them.  What a cowardly crybaby. 
2.  Nick Wright - Entercom has gone out of its way to embarrass itself with their attempt at sports radio and nothing symbolizes this more than Nick Wright.  This guy has failed at every format given to him and has lower ratings than static yet Entercom  keeps him (because of his daddy). 
3.  Mike Hedricks - The only thing more embarrassing than Metcalfe South in JOCO. 
4.  Yael Alphabeta - The most uninformed columnist in the metro.  This guys ability to avoid the truth is amazing. 
5.  Katie Horner - Nuf Said.
6.  Karen Kornaki - I can't believe that this chick still has a job.  She is brutal.  If they are going to march out some ignorant chick to cover sports in this town they could at least make her hot (see HOLLY STAR)
7.  Steve Rose - See below
8.  Kevin Kietzman - The only reason this guy still has a drive time show is because he owns part of the station.  This guy has been wrong on nearly every single prediction he has made and could be one of the biggest liars in town.  Ask Randy.
9.  Mike Shanin -  This guy could be the weakest conservative to have ever hit the air waves.  He spends his time bashing true conservative voices and telling horrid jokes.  The guy has no talent PERIOD.  If Scott Parks wants to see a true moderate, all that he has to do is look at his studio partner. 
10.  All local "Blog Magazines" -  I don't know which is worst, their content or the people kissing their ass to get some attention in this town.