Monday, September 14, 2009


I am starting to believe that our gang bangers could actually break the murder record. I wonder if the chamber of commerce will mention that in their write up of the city.  "Come to Kansas City, we are broke, spread out, our teams suck, our mayor and his wife are morons AND we now have set a new murder record".  

1.  Homeless food stamp using hooker kidnaps her 15 year old kid.  I didn't know it was take your daughter to work day in KCMO?

2.  Is there ever an East Side argument that doesn't end in someone getting shot?

3.  East Side robbers turn chicken

4.  When a 17 year old is carrying a 9mm and shoots a girl in the face how is that an accident?  Seriously.  He is 17 and has a freaking pistol!  If it wasn't her it was going to be someone else.......