It is always the same neighborhoods in this damn update. Can't drug dealers set up shop in Hallbrook? Slang a little heroine in the cul de sac. Drive by on the rivals over at the Links? Hell they have whores in those neighborhoods why not slanging and banging? Boring ass gated communities.

1. KCMO man tries to rekindle flame with his exwife by stabbing her new boyfriend and trying to abduct her and the kids. Will she take him back?

2. Robbing a DMV gets you what exactly? Olathe crimin
als are almost as ignorant as Olathe city counsel members.

3. Killing Hispanics in KCMO only gets you 5 years.

4. Lawrence Perv. On a side note, you never hear of women exposing themselves to teenage boys on playgrounds..

5. KCMO schools are being littered with flyers asking for help solving murders....Nice schools.

6. Pistol whipped, awesome. There aren't enough stories in the news about "pistol whipping"

7. Overland Park doesn't just hand over its money.

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