Sunday, September 13, 2009


While the Mayor and his" thing" are busy trying to figure out how they F'd up the soccer stadium, the rest of the metro still has to deal with the gang murders in the East Side. Pretty soon JOCO will have to start air dropping supplies into East Side housing projects so the innocent can survive.

Here is your Wire Update for the past few days.

1. East Side shooters brought out their A game today. In a true display of urban warfare skills by local gang bangers 3 people were shot and 1 killed. Kids, this just goes to show you that with enough practice you can do anything.

2. KCK cops take the offensive and open fire on probable criminals.

3. KCMO residents should only be allowed in JOCO with work visas. Maybe then helpless women wont get robbed in our utopia.

4. I don't know why but "JOCO most wanted" just doesn't sound right.

5. Rip Van Hostage taker gets busted.

6. Equal rights for females in the East Side. Chick shot up.

7 . Bullets flying in another KCMO burb.

8. The drug biz in Lawrence gets 2 more shot.