Tuesday, November 24, 2009


As we all get ready for the holiday season it is important that we all reflect on how fortunate we are that we have JO on our license plates.   You may run into some haters this week at your family dinners and that is ok, just remember to smile and talk slow. 

1. Knowing that your dinner was purchased by you and not by elementary school kids from a different state and county.

2. That we have Deanna Rose and not a terrible zoon.

3. Public Schools aren't a nationwide joke

4. We have a neighboring county that will continue to flip the bill on our entertainment venues.

5. Oklahoma Joes BBQ is better than Gates or Bryants

6. We can typically live in the county that we work in.

7. We watch "A Christmas Carol" and feel bad for Tiny Tim. KCMO kids are envious of all that Tiny Tim has.

8. We don't have a single street named after a corrupt politician let alone 2.

9. We have no idea who the spouse of the Mayor of Overland Park is.

10. Our shopping district isn't built by an open Septic Tank.

11. We were smart enough to vote against BiState.

12. Our police departments don't have to order crime scene tape and chalk by the pallet.

13. Our religious leaders don't march down streets with lit candles and claim racism for every issue that goes wrong.  No, our religious leaders are more direct about taking our money. 

14. We can laugh everytime someone says that KCMO has "culture" and diversity and that is why they live there. The reason we laugh is becuase we know that the people saying that live in the most segregated city in the midwest and couldn't tell you how to get to the Art Museum.

15. Our kids play with Super Soakers in the summer ,not AK47's.

16. Take your kid to work day doesn't involve standing on a corner.

17. Parks Board nominations don't make national news.

18. We don't have two arenas without anchor tenants.

19. They aren't called they Overland Park Royals and the Leawood Chiefs.

20. The number 117 isn't associated with the number of murders and high school grads we have.