Saturday, November 14, 2009

Got your JOCO real estate property tax bill yet? I did - Thomas E.Scherer, The 3rd District Congressional candidate

If you are a homeowner in JOCO, your real estate tax statement is now available on-line at the county web site.  Boy, are you going to be surprised like I was.  I was hit with 3% increase in real estate property taxes.  I have the data for the entire subdivision where I reside.  For the 151 homes in my subdivision (Quaker Ridge), the tax increases were on all properties due to mill levy increases. Which is going to really make it difficult to win an appeal since the tax increase was not based on property valuation. It may be warranted for some attorney to file a class action.   

The tax increases ranged from 1.6 to 6.2 percent.  Yet, there was no decreases in property valuation.  Which I still have to determine why.  What you have to determine is whether you are going to appeal or merely join the case I have going to trial on April 30, 2009 against the county challenging the JOCO real estate tax appeal process.  And remember, the county government is merely considered to be an instrument of the state.

The politicians in the Kansas legislature do not raise taxes (allegedly although almost consistently, tax receipts always go up in hidden taxes); so instead, they force the counties to raise your property taxes.  .  The Kansas Constitution clearly places the burden on the state legislature for funding state programs.  So, be nice to the folks at JOCO KS government.  It is not their fault.  The fault lies with the politicians in the Kansas legislature whom consistently fail to follow the Kansas Constitution including their duties as elected officials. 

Most of us know this is a sham process.  What many may not know, is there was an amendment to House Bill 2018 taking away your right to appeal any sham process you have to endure by JOCO or the Court of Tax Appeals. 

So, if you feel like you have been deprived your due process rights like I do, I suggest you might to join my case set for trial on April 30.  As allowed by Kansas tax appeal regulations (KAR).  What I hope you the voter and non-voter remember is that I am doing this on your behalf.  It is my goal to restore your procedural rights to have your appeal heard in JOCO District Court, instead of all of us having to travel to Topeka to have the case heard by the Kansas Court of Appeals.

More than likely, since every hearing in this process is before an official of the state of Kansas, your chances of getting a fair hearing are about zero.  The final stage of challenging your real estate tax assessment is either the Kansas Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court.

In regard to me, I intend to take this sham process to the United States Supreme Court.  Which happens to be the only place you can go on an appeal before someone not paid by the state of Kansas.  Which will be my 10th case either docketed or attempted to docket at SCOTUS. 

Why don't you join my case and stand up for your rights to argue unfavorable and rigged real estate tax cases back to our county state district court.  We need to fight the amendment to HB 2018 (sponsored by former state rep, and now a Kansas Senator Tim Owens),

I called and faxed a letter to Senator Owens inquiring to what the heck was he thinking by taking away our constitutional right to due process in our county state district court.  To date, Senator Owens has refused to communicate with me.  Can't blame you Senator?  If I took away a right to every homeowner in Kansas, I would not return  phone calls either.  But you might be able to explain your rationale on April 30th when I subpoena you to appear in court.

In closing, just be glad you do not have to endure the taxes of WYCO.  Which are even worse.  That is the No. 1 concern of their residents.  And I intend to do whatever I can to help those people in WYCO, JOCO, and DG counties during this 2010 congressional campaign by doing stuff now earning your vote.  So once again, it is Take Action Scherer fighting for your rights.  I merely wonder what the incumbent and the 2010 congressional candidates are doing to deserve and earn your vote?

Signed Thomas E.Scherer, The 3rd District Congressional candidate earning your vote before being elected.