Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thomas Scherer, Congressional Candidate - Guest Poster

Two words-Dwight Unite

Ok fellow residents of Kansas.  Tuesday is show time.  My first big appearance at a congressional forum with other congressional candidates at KU around 6:30.  I want to leave that event kicking off my congressional campaign with those two words-"DWIGHT UNITE".

 I will explain those words as I am sitting here getting prepared for participating and clearly establishing why I am the best congressional candidate for the 3rd Congressional District; as well as all congressional candidates in Kansas in more detail after the Tuesday congressional forum. 

One of the important rhetorical questions in this preparation is what message can I deliver that will unite, inspire and motivate the residents of Kansas to support and vote for me to be their congressman?  How can I improve candidate awareness and get the residents of Kansas to remember who is Thomas "Dwight Unite" Scherer?  Who is this Scherer guy?  I frequently hear Thomas who?  Never heard of that dude? 

So, one of the goals after leaving that forum is name recognition-So merely remember those two simple words-Dwight Unite. People will be stating after Tuesday, Dwight Unite-what the heck is that?

Who came up with that kind of slogan and what does it mean?  Later in this blog, you will be the first to know. And maybe you can help me a little bit in explain to others why I adopt that as my campaign slogan and my new nickname. So this congressional race, you are welcome to call me, Tom, Thomas or by new nickname, 'Dwight Unite" Scherer.   

One of the qualities of a great leader requires vision--vision that will bring economic prosperity not only Kansas, but our entire country?  How can I as one simple congressional candidate help lead the effort to unite the political division in this country?  Rhetorically, how can I be like the other great leaders of not only Kansas, but our nation.

In reflection and preparation, I merely think of transportation and two famous Kansans.  One was from my home town of Atchison, Kansan-she was a woman.  Another great leader from Kansas was from Abilene, Kansas.  They both understood how important transportation was to our nation.  So like those two great Kansans, I too am going to keep my campaign simple and focused.  Transportation is the key to uniting our nation regardless of party planks and platforms.  Transportation and reindustrialization of America is an issue that I hear repeatedly in talking with people regardless of where they reside and regardless of party affiliation. 

JFK also understood how important transportation is to America.  His vision got us to the moon.  The key to uniting our nation relates to transportation.  And that is what made America a great nation.  And that is one thing that will unite us again as a nation-a nation that unites and supports a vision related to transportation. 

It is time to reindustrialize America, rebuild our economic base, and return jobs back to America.  That plan and vision for the 21st Century begins Tuesday at KU.  Be there.  And when you leave, it is ok to merely remember and refer to my new middle nickname as Thomas "Dwight Unite" Scherer.

And then you too, will understand why Scherer is simply the best congressional candidate for the state of Kansas. You will understand why he is a leader and sets aside political ideology and stays focused on what is best for our nation, our state and our local communities.

Signed and dated this the 20th day of November, 2009