Monday, November 09, 2009


You just knew that this weekend was going to be crazy because of the nice weather BUT THIS?  HOLY CRAP.  9 people shot in 3 days, a school that can't control its students, kidnappings, robberies and a shoot out with cops?  You can build the biggest performing arts center on this planet and it still wouldn't change the fact that your city is a crap hole.  

1. Nothing classes up an attempted murder like a Gold Escalade.  Way to blend in jackass.  Do our gangbangers have no common sense? 

2. Even Joe Clark would of gotten his ass kicked at Central High today.  Fights, ambulances, pepper spray all keys to getting a good quality education.

3. Central High fight continues on Prospect this evening.  3 chicks shot and 1 dude.  Keep it real East Side!

4.  Woman in minivan gets killed.  Guess where...............THE EAST SIDE.
5.  This story has it all.  Pimps, whores, johns, Independence Avenue, $40 whore and a robbery and car jacking.  AWESOME.

6. Midtown sucks too.  Man shot and in Critical condition.

7.  "CHECK YOURSELF FOOL" LMFAO.  This guy has watched too many movies.  
8.  It took this East Side resident 15 shots to hit this guy in the neck.  ROOKIE!
9.  This kidnapper jumped out of a moving car to try and escape. 
10.  Never question the parking of an East Side resident.  Ask this guy that got his ass kicked by a chick.
11.  Man escapes fire fight with cops.........East Side.