Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I have been tracking crime in this town for 2 years now and I can safely say that the leadership in this town is clueless on crime fighting.  Nothing is getting better.  In most cases, parts of the city are getting worst.  Where is the accountability in this town?  The only person worst than Katie Horner at their job in this city is the Chief of Police followed by Mayor clueless and his wife the troll. 

You shouldn't be settling for this crap.  It seems like people in this town have become desensitized to blood shed. 

1.  At one time there was hope for South KC.  Now, not so much. 
2.  Who the hell robs a store that sells old ass bread?

3.  I guess once you rob a place that sells buns the next logical step is to get some burgers and fries. 
4.  Lawyers continue to be among the lowest form of life in this city.  This well payed county employee who MAKES A LIVING PROSECUTING CRIMINALS is caught shoplifting.  Jack ass. 
5. The only people worst than lawyers are IRS agents.  It should be no surprise that an agency that robs Americans on a daily basis is found guilty for stealing gift cards.
6.  Drugs, weapons and illegals Oh My!
7.  Dog vs. Gun.