Sunday, January 17, 2010



1.  People spending $15 for a carwash and then driving through slush filled streets.tauntaun

2.  Smokers huddled outside in negative 10 temperatures

3.  The moron in his 4 wheel drive in a ditch after he passed you on the highway going 75.

4.  OCD home owners shoveling their drive way every hour.

5.  Morons that don’t let their car warm up enough to clear their windows causing them to drive while looking through a peephole sized clearing on their window.

6.  Stupid ass comments “Boy its cold out”, “Are you staying warm?”, “I better run to the grocery store”

7.  Backyards full of yellow snow thanks to rover.

8.  Homeless guy getting interviewed that says that he would rather sleep outside than go inside to a shelter

9.  Weather dudes/chicks predicting a record snow storm 10 days ago and us only getting 2 inches.

10.  Listening to office hens panic about driving home.

11.  Complaints about road crews not clearing the streets in front of East Side Crack houses.

12.  Road crew getting shot at once they do get to the streets in  front of the Crack house.

13.  Global warming douche bags claiming that this ice age like winter is part of global WARMING.

14.  Wet Socks

15.  People that do a half ass job of building a snowman.  If you aren’t going to do it right, please, stop. 

16.  Seeing grown men wearing mittens.  Yes Mittens! 

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