Sunday, January 31, 2010


It is sad that the people of Miami think that KC has a high crime rate and is dangerous lol.  The reputation that the metro area is getting outside of the area is going to put a huge dent in the convention and tourism industry here.  SCARFACE2

1.  I love this story for several reasons but the best is the time and location of the shooting.  This moron was eating from a street vendor at 3am on SW Blvd when he was shot. 

2.  Is it news that houses get broken into when people are asleep

3.  Visitors from a county other than JOCO have to be responsible for breaking up this fine dining event at a Shawnee Wendy’s.

4. 11th & State isn’t the most shocking place to find a dead body in the metro.  Kudos to KCK for getting on the board.

5. PV residents aren’t use to seeing POS trucks in their parking lots.  Bomb Squad called in for no reason.

6.  Multiple Shootings outside of East Side hell hole

7.  Crossroads Douche Bags are having their Starbucks coupons and hacky sacks stolen from their cars.

8. Another dead body in East KCMO

9.  Trash has no age limit in Missouri

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