Thursday, February 18, 2010


Kansas City, Missouri is officially becoming the ugly cousin to Overland Park.  I have been saying it for years but now it appears that the media is finally starting to catch up.  Here are just a few links to go along with the Forbes Story released this week.  
1.  This week the Kansas City Star became the JOCO STAR.   In typical lame Star fashion the best name they could come up with was GOJOCO.  Silly bastards. 
2.  Kansas City, Mo can’t keep pace with Odessa, Mo in new job creation
3.  KCMO residents realize that closing down half of the city’s schools will make their crappy neighborhoods worth even less. ..   I didn’t think that was possible either.
4.  People visiting KCMO are happiest when they leave.
5. EPA confirms that KCMO stinks in general and can’t blame Bannister complex.
6.  KCMO residents spit in the faces of those giving away cars to hero’s
7.  Forbes Magazine was generous in calling KCMO the 13th most miserable city in the country.  That has to be a good PR story for the city. 
8.  KCMO holds a welfare shower for broke ass parents.
9.  Cleavers dumb ass is in town promoting a green recovery zone.  REALLY?????????
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