Sunday, February 14, 2010


When businesses are about to be split up or be sold off you typically see consolidation of buildings and people.  Could eliminating half of the districts buildings and over 250 teaching jobs be a sign of the future?  One can only hope.  The business model that is the KCMOSD is a complete and total failure.  If this were a private business they would been gone before the Yugo.  Instead the “Board of Directors” and most of the employees remain on the job and the only real turnover is the CEO/Super. 
The success of the students that joined the Independence school district should be all the proof needed to make this happen sooner than later.
1.  Is the closure of half the districts schools really part of a plan to fix the district?  If the kids aren’t learning anything in a smaller classroom in a school closer to home then what the hell is going to happen when these kids have to travel further and are getting less attention paid to them by their teachers?
2.  KC STAR columnist Yael T.  Alphabet’s latest column is further proof that apathy has set in on the districts failures.
3.  Congratulations to Central High students for winning the coveted “Most Dangerous School in District” award.