Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Over the past 5 months I have sat back and watched the Right Wing of the Republican party completely lose touch with the American people.  Sure I consider myself right of center but holy crap people you are almost as bad as the left.  If it weren't for the recent influx of independents joining our cause I would leave your ass behind and vote for Montgomery Brewster every election.    

You morons need to lighten up.You don't need to spend every minute of your life trying to convert us into green activist or pastors. 

Here are a few examples of how I differ from the suit and tie crowd

1.  I believe in the legalization of Marijuana and gambling. 
2.  I am against the expansion of a city just to freaking expand.  How about you develop and improve the blighted areas of your freaking community instead of starting over every 10 years.  OVERLAND PARK THAT MEANS YOU.  I don't believe in global warming but tearing up land for no reason is ignorant.
3. I am against censorship.
4.  One thing I could never understand while I was in the Marine Crop  was that you could die for your country at 18 but couldn't have a sip of booze off base unless you were 21.  Drop the age to 18.
5. I am against any laws passed that limit my freedom.  I don't need liberal elitist or religious extremist telling me how to live.