The Democrats still don't get it do they?  Putting this idiot in front of congress IN CHARACTER served what purpose exactly?  I can't wait until freaking November. 


  1. Is this what the country has become? I mean really? All those wars, revolutions, years, decades, centuries of men and women making this the best country in the world has come to this?

    Today we had two things that I thought we would never see. First we got a comedian speak before congress in character, about a subject he knew nothing about, mocking those who believe in national sovereignty.

    Then we had two Sesame Street characters go on national TV just so they can defend Katy Perry’s inappropriate for the show, dress.


    Just think if this was the 1980s. Could you imagine Paul Rubens talking to Congress about missile defense…as Pee Wee Herman? Or in the ‘70s Flip Wilson spoke to congress about some Ag issues as Geraldine. Then on the same day Capt. Kangaroo went on national TV to apologize for a guest dressing like a stripper?

    Is this going to be the norm in Obama’s America?

  2. Beans & Franks and failed comedy routines in front of congress is exactly the new new norm. This is why it is important to vote in November.

    This is the most important election of our lives.