Friday, November 19, 2010

THE WIRE - Funkhouser is dangerous

It is good to be back discussing crime in this jacked up city.  Can anyone say that thedeath32 violence in this city has seen any reduction in the past 3 years?  Then why the hell would you want to reelect Funkhouser?  Are sidewalks in front of schools more important than saving lives?  This man and his administration have been a failure in protecting the citizens of Kansas City which is truly the only job that the government should do. 

1. Pedophile was a Scout Leader and Cop?  Don't these groups do any background checks?
2.  Apparently the threat of terrorism and violent crime in our city has vanished.  Why else would they spend so much time and money on a freaking online gambling ring.
3.  "Tougher neighborhoods"?  Reading this story you would think that this took place in East KCMO and not Overland Park.  Nice writing.
4. Independence Cop tries out for the part of Barney Fife.
5.  KCK cops raid the ONE apartment complex in KCK that doesn't have a drug lab.  What are the odds?