Friday, December 17, 2010

Mayor Funkhouser - Too little too late

Dear Mark,
You sir are a gigantic asshole.  For the past couple of years you have ignored the crime problem in this city despite the pleas of the citizens and victims that you have ignored.  Do you honestly believe that anyone is going to believe you when you say you "have a plan" to tackle the city's homicide rate?  We aren't stupid.  We realize that it was the loss of life that caused you to suddenly pay attention to the blood stained streets in this city or the citizens living in fear.


We understand that remaining mayor is more important to you than a life in the east side.  Don't even try to pretend that it isn't.  In-actions speak louder than words.  If we want to see your plan for crime we will go to the funeral of a murdered victim rather than attend one of your campaign rallies.

Kiss my ass,