Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 an SOB Odyssey

2010 was a year of side projects and elections for us which reduced the posting on the blog.  I hated leaving my 2 or 3 readers in limbo but duty called. Fear not reader(s) we will back at full strength this year and well, we will actually be making money while doing it.  HA! 

We missed covering the idiotic short comings of the degenerates in this city.  Luckily for us nothing ever changes in Kansas City.  Murders are still high, the schools still suck, violent crime is the norm and joco continues to neglect the north part of the county. 

I guess the one good thing that we noticed is that the majority of local bloggers have called it quits.  Thank god.  Let's face it, if your local blog isn't listed in my blog roll then you aren't worth reading and you did us all a favor by quitting.