Sunday, January 02, 2011

Crooked Ass Obama

For 2 years we have had to sit back and watch the most crooked president in American history destroy our country. In 2011 that all comes to an end.  The god king and his minions will be investigated and punished for their illegal actions and plots to destroy our constitution.   They know this and are now trying to hide behind yet another name for socialism/communism "the no label party".   Fool us once........

1.  Darrell Issa calls Obama administration the most corrupt in American history. 
2.  Hillary and Hugo - A match made in heaven
3.  Liberal Media (abc news) - Warns Republicans
4.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid delay your tax refunds because they think your money is theirs.
5.  Does anyone know what Ken Starr is doing??
6.  Peppermint Paddy doesn't care about American law enforcement officers
7.  Jack ass Joe Scarborough talks about running for office again.  Be afraid America.