Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Some links to get you through the cold. 

1.  This kid put together his own online scouting report for his classmates looking to get a tight end in the first round.  I guess some parents didn't like where their daughter was slotted in the draft.
2.  Left wing baby killer used scissors to kill at least 7 kids.
3.  In an effort to calm the rhetoric a liberal commie bastard calls republicans Nazis.
4.  Not even Paris Hilton would snort what these two dumb asses did.
5.  Gordon Brown continues to be a piece of spineless, alarmist Euro Trash.
6.  Michelle Obama got all dressed up and was full of smiles for a man that supports the killing of little girls to control his countries population.  She is such a great mother.
7.  Christina Aguilera has officially become a drunken slut.  Bout damn time.
8.  Playboy on an IPAD?