Monday, February 07, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Stories you might of missed but shouldn't. 

1.  Scientist are trying to link low IQ's in toddlers to a diet of junk food.  Maybe (and this is a huge maybe) its genetic. Parents that are feeding their toddlers a junk food diet have got to be some dumb MFers.
2.  Egyptians are lazy protesters.
3.  Men in the United States are suffering from a lack of testosterone.  I blame the Nerfication of our society.
4.  Then again, seeing Joan Rivers in leather pants could ruin any man.
5.  Semen added to yogurt samples at store. 
6.  $1000 for a house is still too much for a house in Detroit
7.  Al Gore and Keith Olbermann - Dumb & Dumber III