Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

10 links to get you through the day until tomorrows Wire and weekend crime prediction.

1.  24 the movie is set for release next summer. 
2.. The 10 types of Facebook friends you have from High School.  The propagandist is my personal fav.
3.  The greatest Picture of Britney Spears in almost a decade.
4.  Pictures of Meth users are always good for a laugh.
5.  If only the world had Gus Johnson around to do give us the play by play of historical events.
6.  5 Signs that you are an Angry Birds addict.
7.  Just in time for opening day.  Best porn staches in sports.
8.  Odyssey Dawn sounds more like a Porn name than an military operation.  Pics of our Attack.
9.  8 of the craziest internet dating sites you will ever see.
10.  8 tracks, HD DVD's and 10 other Format War losers