Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Irish Link Blast

The only day a year that people lie about their ancestry.  The other 364 they wish they were us.

1. Some of the most bizarre Irish Celebrations in the US.
2.  Swimsuit model catches Irish Fever. catch
3.  "The drunkest cities in America"...As an Irishman that doesn't drink (much) I always find this stereotyping funny.  Other ethnic groups in America are a little more sensitive than us. 
4.  10 uses for Irish whiskey on Saint Patrick's day.
5.  10 Irish authors that you should be reading (for those of you that can, sorry Kcmo).
6.  Sinn Fein homepage. Make sure to donate while there.
7.  Do you even know who Bobby Sands is?
8.  Peace Walls still exist in Belfast
9.  The Irish American Heritage Center
10.  How the Irish won the Civil War for the North
11.  The Liberal media has a history of hating the Irish
12.  New York Tenements were home to many ethnic groups that imigrated to the US in the 19th century.
13.  East Durham, NY is one of the greatest places to visit for Irish American culture.
14. KC is not an Irish town despite what city leaders try to tell you.  Does anyone ever walk around this city and talk about its great Irish roots etc..?
15.  Boston - The capital of Irish America
16.  Top 10 Irish contributions to the world.
17.  To most of you douche bags Bloody Sunday is the name of a song.  Here is the actual story.