Monday, April 04, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

I did all the work, all that you have to do is click the freaking link. 

1.  10 types of women that every guy knows.  The Whore, The slut........
2.  I always thought the Slut Walk started in the Nick & Jakes parking lot and ended at the bar
3.  The 10 creepiest kids shows.
4.  10 animals that scare the crap out of you bastards.
5.  The 10 best time machines in movie history
6.  Sploshing - WTF
7.  Old ass man tries to have his way with Carrie Underwood.
8.  Psychotic Bitch can't handle lesbian artwork.
9.  The best chance for KCMO school grads to get a job.