Thursday, April 07, 2011

Obama continues to shart on America

Will you notice if the Federal Government shuts down? Hell No. 

1.  Another problem faces America and our President takes ANOTHER vacation.  I think this guy got elected so that he could take his family on a free vacation every week.
2.  While there might not be enough money to pay our troops there is plenty of money for this douche to vacation?
3.  Obama gives the finger to America when it comes to gas prices
4.  How much did George Soros pay for this ugly worn out handbag?
6.  Fuc&$@g up gas prices wasn't enough for our president.  No, no, his policies even reach our FREAKING KITCHENS!
7.  Obama's war plan on Libya is causing friendly fire on US Tax Payers.
8.  Obama's brain remains missing as people search for his birth certificate.