Monday, May 09, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

20 Links that you morons missed while I was taking a break. 

1.  This article should of been titled "7 types of KCMO neighbors/neighborhoods" 
2.  8 awesome grilled cheese sandwiches
3.  10 Disney Characters that got shafted by their Disney oppressors.
4.  The History of Mom Jeans.  As I have stated several times before, Mom Jeans are nothing more than a signal to the rest of the world that the woman wearing them has given up on life.
5.  12 great reasons to watch women's tennis 
6.  The 9 greatest fictional athletes. - They could of put up the last decade of Carl Petersons first round draft picks instead.
7.  R2D2 takes on Beer2D2
8.  10 Kids movies scarier than a naked picture of the Funkhousers.
9.  Chick-Fil-A might of finally come up with a reason for me to eat there.  Sweet Potato Fries!
10.  Since we are getting a Lego Land at Crown Center I thought you might want to know the Top 10 Lego Universe Items you should "own".
11.  What the Internet was like in the 90's.  WOW we sucked
12.  Erin Andrews turned 31.  
13.  Because secret passages are awesome.  TOP 10.
14.  Jennifer Lopez looks like an Oompa Loompa.  Nasty
15.  The new Fortune 500 list for 2011
16.  World military rankings 
17.  13 interesting ways to survive a flood
18.  It is true.  Super Mario Bros 3 is the best game ever made.  I remember playing this thing non stop when I got it for Christmas when I was a kid.
19.  7 Biggest Video Game System Flops of all time.  My Brother actually owned a Sega CD console and then went on to buy a Laser Disc Player.........
20.  25 reasons to watch women sports.