Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Recipes, Wives and Sharapova.  What else do you need?

1.  Ever wonder what to do with that leftover breast milk?
2.  The best booze apps on the market.
3.  Oklahoma Joe's makes another top restaurant list.
4.  List of athletes dating/dated porn stars
5. 35 awesome pics of the 1927 flooding of the South
6.  Great collection of vintage beer cans.
7.  7 of the laziest employees in the world.
8.  The 10 Video game consultants that were never released.
9.  Taj Gibsons nutz in D Wades face.
10.  Maria Sharapova falls down (a photo story)
11.  Finally there is a guide out there for guys on how to pick out your multiple wives.
12.  30 Movie Sequels that you didn't know existed.  They made a Roadhouse 2?