Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let a Ho be a Ho

I first heard those wise words from one Mr. Willie D back in the 90's and today I heard The Voice of Merrill come close to saying that exact thing.  Today on his show he had a segment regarding legalizing prostitution and I for one agree with him.  Why do we waste so many resources on sting operations, street sweeps etc...?  Shouldn't our limited city funds go to fight violent crime, build roads and ohh I don't know Educate our kids? 

How quick would the religious fringe right of our party be to drop their fiscal stances so that they could continue to fund the policing of "sin crimes"?  Those hypocrites would tax air in order to keep others from "sinning".  (another reason to despise these zealots). Keep in mind that most of these people are also the ones that get busted for solicitation or in the case of religious leaders molestation

If some woman wants to whore herself out to pay rent, great!  Better to take money from a customer than from my tax dollars.  Why should I subsidize the office space of the local town whore?

And why should we have to look at these skanks walk the streets in order to find customers?  Screw that, let them advertise.  Consider it neighborhood beautification.  It Tulips on Troost is such a good idea then skankless corners have to be even better.  Surely people that solicit these beauty queens wouldn't mind shopping for a better deal and perhaps a better product.

It's not like people are going to be proud that their wife/husband is a whore and nobody is going to brag about having to pay for it right?  So the stigma that comes to paying for ass will still remain and that should be enough to keep these establishments out of plain site of the public and allow us to spend our tax dollars wiser.