Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Totally Random Things

1.  I can't stand listening to people discuss elections this far out.  Is anyone really watching these lame debates?  And is anyone really going to take the advice of Scott Parks on who to vote for?  I mean come on. 
2.  Drivers south of 143rd street are incapable of stopping without first making you think they are going to roll right by the stop sign. 
3  Cul de sacs offer no privacy from neighbors. 
4.  School is out people.  There is no need to slam on your breaks in a school zone to hit 25mph and cause a pile up behind you.
5.  The big vacant lot of unfinished construction in front of the Lionsgate subdivision is awesome.  This subdivision is home to some of the metro's biggest douche bags and the fact that they have to drive by an empty goat farm on the way to their swingers subdivision makes me laugh.
6.  Trendy burger places suck.
7.  Listening to Chris Merrill deal with moronic callers everyday reminds me of some of the emails you ignorant douches sent me when I first started my blog.  Poor bastard.  Chris, if you really want to piss them off then you need to discuss BBQ.  The hate mail I received for my BBQ rankings was awesome.
8.  I don't think there is a single Southern Joco kid that mows yards anymore.  Spoiled brats.
9.  At 213th and Mission there is a sign that says horse drawn carriages on road.
10.  Another summer of laughing at the idiots pretending that their scooters are motorcycles.