Friday, June 24, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Become enlightened 

1.  Missouri has one of the most dangerous water supplies in the world
2.  The best in Cougar Swimwear soon to be displayed in a JOCO gated communities
3.  Disgusting crap you can buy on Amazon.
4.  Nelson Atkins is home to one of the worlds greatest glass buildings.  See the other 14.
5.  Cartoon Characters that are probably sex offenders
6.  Women soccer players look outstanding. (at least 1 - 16 do) Top 30
7.  Selena Gomez Legs - Enough said
8.  Summer Drinks for people that don't like nursing a beer
9.  Skanks of Missouri Hooters calendars.
10.  Awesome Star Wars recruiting posters.