Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Wire - Weekend Ketchup

First weekend in the 90's without rain and production is up in the metros killing fields. 

1.  Well this is a first even for KCMO. Domestic issues solved with Gasoline and matches
2.  Is apologizing for creating child porn enough for the religious right to once again move past the hypocrisy that exists within their groups.
3.  Murder Suicide in the east side.  Mother and Son?
4.  Are knife murders making a come back?  KCK.
5.  Dead woman found in her eastside home.  Suspicious, really? 
6.  KCK residents renovate their neighborhoods with Arson
7.  Federal Stupidity - Feds seize elderberry juice.  Because THAT is the biggest danger facing our country.
8.  KCMO police attempt to keep a murder off the books....