Friday, July 08, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

A bunch of random crap for you to pick through today.

1.  Casey Anthony pics are turning up everywhere.
2.  Photos of the best Hot Dog joints in the United States.
3.  20 Chicks that should be in Playboy, sooner than later. (yes Carrie Underwood is mentioned)
4.  The ultimate in wedding douchebaggery courtesy of Joe Flaco
5.  5 Ultimate Baseball collapses that happened after the All Star Break.
6.  Because Mac & Cheese is awesome - 7 Recipes
7.  Hey Yo!  WTF happened to Scott Hall?
8.  If you marriage sucks just remember these 10 financial reasons to stay and suffer.
9.  Facebook at work without getting busted
10.  College Football Twitter Directory.
11.  Another crappy product imported from China
12.  Heather Morris shows you what healthy living can do for you.