Sunday, July 17, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

There is a chance that I got carried away with this post but what the hell else are you suppose to do while watching the women play soccer?  (I just watched them miss their 3rd penalty kick).

1. The 50 most popular women on the internet (or so google says)
2.  Pay attention JOCO soccer moms -  6 reasons to ditch the credit cards.
3.  Finally something good to watch at a baseball game - Boob Grab oops.
4.  Crap to buy cheaply in July.
5.  MLB All-Star Drinking Game
6.  Top 20 Road Trip movies
7.  Gomez vs. Cyrus - Whose better?
8.  Great article about Whitey Bulgers youth.
9.  Awesome ADULT Tree Houses
10.  Vintage Kansas City
11.  Some of the worst examples of parking I have ever seen
12.  Women of Poker - 35 hottest
13.  Top 100 andorid apps (for those of you that didn't step up and buy an iphone)
14.  Netflix upped its price, is it still worth it?
15.  Some great companies that wont hire your unemployed ass.
16.  19 most hated companies in the United States.   How is GE not on this list?
17.  I have no idea how to explain this disturbing crap. 60 PICS
18.  101 Useful websites (other than this one)
19.  Hottest women @ The ESPY'S
20.  12 Awesomely weird houses for sale
21.  Note to Guys - Remove your garbage disposals NOW.
22. Are you drinking bad wine?
23.  Cheesy = Kick Ass roadside attractions.
24.  Yes Kansas City, you dress like crap.
25.  Do people still go to Hooters?  5 Times that going there is a bad idea.
26.  12 Running tips for beginners.
27.  100 worst baseball players of all time