Sunday, July 17, 2011

Because the news always sucks

We have tried to avoid covering national news for a few weeks now so that our blood pressure would return to healthy preobama level.

1.  Obama bows to the Chinese once again by hiding the Lama.
2.  McConnell punches his ticket to ignorance island.
3.  How long before this woman's husband is arrested for killing her?
4.  How bad is this woman's aim?  Shoot at puppy and end up killing your husband?
5.  New doll teaches little girls how to breast feed their baby............
6.  Casey Anthony's lazy ass couldn't put on makeup for her prison release yet she can party while her kid is missing?
7.  Republicans call the bluff of the douche n chief.
8.  Prison Planet does a great job of putting a timeline to Obama's budget failures.
9.  Hillary Clinton gives terrorist organization international credibility.
10.  Obama's incompetence in the economy is no longer a question.