Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Crap

1.  I am sick and tired of hearing nothing but negativity and fear come out of the mouths of our government officials.  Everything is the end of the world to these idiots except for the stuff that could actually end the world.

2.  Trader Joe's has been worth the wait.  Great food and even better service.  If you haven't gone because you are "too cool" to believe the hype, good.  Stay away.

3.  South OP just created 30 jobs for residents of KCMO/KCK by opening up a new Arbys on 149th street

4.  I went to the dentist this week to get a tooth fixed that I broke eating ribs at Gates.  They prescribed my some Vicodin for the pain but you would of thought that they were transferring over the launch codes for our nukes.  Don't we have better things to worry about?

5.  I now have over 600 apps from the apple store for my Iphone & Ipad - Out of those I use 20 on a regular basis

6.  Sway Calloway is the new morning show host at Shade 45 - If you are a fan of Hip Hop, this is can't miss radio.

7.  White Trash is more attitude than income.  You would be surprised at how much WT there is out here in South OP.