Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Wire - The Metro is F'd

It's always the same neighborhoods and headlines in the police blotter. The metro has been desensitized to violence in those neighborhoods which means that nothing will ever be done to solve the problems there.  It has become as much a part of our city as BBQ and crappy baseball.  
1.  Happy Rock Cop dragged for 2 blocks by one of our stand up citizens. 
2.  Blunts will cost more in the metro thanks to this mushroom hunter. 
3.  Another North East arson fire improves property values in the metros bests neighborhood to raise a child with a lifespan of 23 years of age.
4.  It takes the KCMO police department 30 years to catch a rapist (and they are bragging about it)
5.  Nothing beats the classic drive by - 1 dead - 1 injured - North East again.
6.  The last thing you expect in a bar fight is someone pulling a chainsaw out.