Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

15 things that didn't suck on the internet this week.

1. 7 foods that KCMO residents need to start eating NOW.
2.  French People are getting Fatter than Sh**
3.  Dog vs. Hedgehog
4.  Just in time for Back to School - A guide for college drinking
5.  Never heard of her but I guess Kreayshawn being topless is a big deal.
6.  The 12 worst TSA stories that we know of.
7.  Russian Ice Breakers are awesome.
8.  Being Ugly could end up being a protected class.  World of Nerf.
9.  Hope Solo is the only reason to watch Dancing with the Stars.
10.  Diet Coke is coming out with a new can and we should care, I guess.
11.  Great video of Devils Island Sea Caves.
12.  Cheap guys need to step up for these 10 things.
13.  McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's can go to hell thanks to these places.
14.  5 most expensive beers in the world. 
15.  Remember Hood Ornaments?