Thursday, August 18, 2011


Normally a douche bag with such little significance and importance as Louie Wright wouldn't grace the pages of this blog but this guy has crossed the freaking line.  When a public official goes after a blogger that is relaying information passed to him gets sued then said official must have something to hide.  Why waste time and effort to go after a blogger if a story is totally false?

The real question here is where Louie is getting his funding to attack Tony.  Is he using Union dues to pay for this hit job?  Do you really think that firefighters give 2 craps about the leaked story?  I come from a family of firefighters and I can tell you this, they don't care and are probably pissed that you are making a jackass out of yourself and putting yourself before them.  

I will personally send an email to any and all firefighters I know and let them know what it is that your dumb ass is doing you pathetic "man".

Check out your own website Louie.  It is nothing more than a site full of political hit stories aimed at.... PUBLIC OFFICIALS.  Yet you have the balls to cry when it is about you!!!!!!!