Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Wire - Endurance

Weather is no obstacle when it comes to murdering people in the metro.  The criminals in some city's might be waiting for a cold front but ours are out making it happen. I want you to read the stories below and tell me that you aren't proud to live in the metro. 

1.  IRS building evacuated due to suspicious substance.  Could they of actually found an Emanuel Clever tax return?
2.  WTF is a crime protester? And shouldn't streets lined with corpses be incentive enough to deal with the heat?
3.  Drug deals, murder and hip hop.   We keep it real Yo!
4.  KCK steps up with shootings and a dropped body.  The 913 is on the scoreboard 
5.  2am was bad on both sides of the hood. KCMO slips a murder in at the last minute
6.  These 3 douche bags didn't even realize that they had been stabbed.  Stay Classy!