Thursday, September 08, 2011

Almost Daily Link Blast

Because you need something to read while you are slacking at your job on Friday.

1.  10 places more dangerous than KCMO at 2am.
2.  20 Cardboard signs that kick ass.  If only our homeless had this much creativity.
3.   Doug Fluties daughter in all of her cheerleader greatness.
4.  Have you met Ashley Hobbs?
5.  The 8 greatest slides in the world.
6.  TV's evil twins from the 60's.  Anyone that grew up watching channel 41 in KC has seen all of these episodes at least 11 times.
7.  40 behind the scenes Star Wars photos that you probably haven't seen.
8.  Do we really need to know about Denny's secret menu items?  I don't even want to know what is on the regular menu...
9.  Lies about getting married (that you know were thought up by a woman)
10.  Maxim puts up its "contestants" for Hometown Hotties.
11.  Forbes Magazine thinks that Obama is doing a half assed job.
12.  Because when you think KY you think lesbian.....
13.  Chuck Norris takes on a Storm Trooper
14.  Megan Fox eats meat again.
15.  When you think Cruise Vacation, think North Korea.